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Growth & Aviation.
That's all we think about.

eyeforsky is a growth platform with a single-minded focus on one industry – aviation. Everything we do is about creating new possibilities for growth in the aviation business. Our growth-oriented solutions are driven by the deep and vast experience of our team across key segments of commercial aviation. Having solved real-life complex business challenges in their careers, our team delivers result-driven and new-age business solutions rather than academic.

Our passion to drive growth for our clients in aviation is captured in our logo by the arrow – a global emblem for growth - fused with the shape of an aircraft. We call our arrow ‘skywards’ as it points us to the sky for achieving the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness. Eyeforsky is a reflection of our passion with which we observe and analyse aviation. It signifies the expertise in aviation that we offer to our clients.

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Join eyeforsky to develop your passion for aviation and build a high-flying career.

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