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Upskyll your workforce to deliver the desired business impact. Fast!


The Magic Mantra of Upskyll Bootcamp.

Research suggests that interactive learning is 6x more effective than reading or watching course material.  

Instead of making the learners watch videos, Upskyll Bootcamp includes:

Live classes by experts

Cohort based training with peer-to-peer collaboration

Capstone projects with real-world data & problems

Exclusive access to learner community 

The Upskyll Advantage

Job-ready freshers

  • Hands-on applied learning for freshers

  • Reduce ramp-up time for new hires

Critical skill readiness

  • Align learning journey to critical job roles

  • Target skills which are most critical to the bottom-line

Latest curriculum

  • Top practitioners co-develop programs to include latest best practices

  • Capstone projects based on real-world data to provide hands-on learning 

Future-ready workforce

  • Workforce learns skills of tomorrow to take on future challenges

Tailored Solutions

Onboarding New Hires

Aviation Regulation

Airport Planning

Airport Commercial Management

Aviation Technology 

Airline Planning

Airline Commercial Management

Aviation Data & Analysis

Aviation Research & Consulting

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